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Australian Visa for Romanian citizens – eVisa for Travel

Australian Visa for Romanian citizens

Australian eVisa Romanian Citizens is a visa applied electronically which permits Romanian citizens to travel into Australia. They come as three types which are eVisitor, Electronic Travel Authority and Visitor visa.

Visitors coming to Australia are expected to apply for one of the three Australian Visas. On acquiring an Australian visa, you can start engaging in various legal activities in this amazing country.

Getting an Australian visa comes at a price. First, there is a set of requirements you need to fulfill as an applicant. Once you have met all the laid down requirements, you are eligible for applying for an Australian visa.

Australian Visa for Romanian citizens


When applying, you will be required to maintain absolute honesty. This will enhance your chances of earning this vital travel document.

Also, make sure you are eligible to apply for this visa.

Confirming your eligibility increase your chance of obtaining a visa. To be on the safe side you will need to follow all instructions and meet the requirements.


  1. Australian visa for Romanian Citizens requirements
  2. Australian Visa for Romanian citizens application form
  3. Conclusion

Australian visa for Romanian Citizens requirements

There are several requirements applicants need to meet as an applicant. These requirements have been rolled out in a bid to enhance security in Australia. Security will be improved by preventing illegal visitors getting into Australia.

Such people are usually ought to achieve self-centered motives. That is why these visa requirements are used as a sieve to prevent such people from gaining entry into Australia.

Below are the set requirements:

  • Be a genuine citizen of Australia. Since you are applying as a Romanian citizen, there should be evidence to confirm that. This is through attaching your Identification documents to your application form.
  • Provide a valid passport. Make sure this passport has been acquired from the relevant issuing body in Romania.
  • Provide your most recent passport-sized photograph. It has to be a genuine photograph of you.
  • Medical report. You need to be healthy. This means you will have to avail a reliable medical report.
  • Name of your company. In case you are employed, provide the exact name of your company.
  • A reason for visiting Australia. This reason should be sensible and reasonable.

Australian Visa for Romanian citizens application form

This application form is acquired online. It has several spaces in which you are supposed to key in your details.

Purpose to fill in your exact details. Doing so increases your chances of your visa application being approved.

After entering your personal details attach your passport-sized photograph. Then pay the quoted application fee.

Since you will be completing your transaction online, find a secure and reliable online payment method.

Some of the options you can use in this instance include debit or credit card and PayPal.

You can now submit your application form. It will be processed by the relevant authority.

Once approved, the visa will be sent to you via your email.

Definitely, this should be the easiest way of obtaining an Australian visa for Finnish Citizens.


The visa application process should be undertaken with a lot of precision. Ensure you follow the laid down rules and regulations to qualify as an Australian visa holder. Failure to do so, you will miss out on a visa.

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