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What time is it in New South Wales Australia

New South Wales Australia is a state that is located on the East coast of Australia continent, and it borders Queensland to the north, Victoria to the south, and South Australia to the west. New South Wales coast borders the Tasman Sea to the east, lying on longitude 151.205287 degrees and longitude, -33.864174 degrees

Time in South Wales Australia

When determining what time is it in New South Wales Australia, you can consider using different time zones depending on your geographical location in the state. Example when you are in cities such as Broken Hill; you use UTC+ 9:30 ACST (Australian Central Standard Time). Also, you can another time zone when your near cities like Sydney which is the capital city of South Wales, where they use; UTC+10, Time zone AEST(Australian Eastern Standard Time ). This two-time zone differs with thirty minutes with,  ACST time zone being ahead of AEST time zone by +30’. Example the time now is; Friday.1:20:00 am, ACST and the time in AEST is Friday.1:50:00 am.

What time is it in New South Wales Australia

Moreover, South Wales Australia has generalized time zone whereby they consider; ACT (Australian Central Time) which has an offset time UTC of +9:30 or AET, (Australian Eastern Time). This also has offset UTC of +10:00. These generalized time zones differ in thirty minutes. Example if now it is, Friday.1:30:00 am ACT; then in AET, it will be Friday.2:00:00 am.

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Despite south Wales Australia using the different times the state time differs with,+30’or -30 minutes, therefore, it is advisable to know your time zone, Coordinated Universal Time (UTC ) of your time zone.

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