Australian Visa For Vatican Citizens – How To Get?


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Though Vatican City is the smallest country in the world, a sizeable portion of the country’s population visit many countries and that includes Australia. However, getting a visa processed in Vatican City is a problem.

This is because The Australian Embassy in Rome is not empowered to process citizenship or application for Australia visa. Since Vatican City falls within Italy, you certainly have a problem if you are from Vatican.

Australian Visa For Vatican Citizens


  1. How Does One Go About It
  2. Things You Must Bear In Mind
  3. Berlin Could Be An Option
  4. Quite A Bit Of Improvement Have Been Made
  5. What Does It Offer?

How Does One Go About It

The best way to process visas is the to use the Australian electronic travel authorization (eTA) visa. This is quite efficient, reliable, and speedy and it is known as the eVisa service. Many consider this to be the best way to get Australian visa for Vatican citizens.

There are many processing centers in Australia which are considered to be extremely useful and cooperative for those Vatican citizens who are desirous of visiting Australia for tourists, medical and other such purposes.


Things You Must Bear In Mind

As is the case with other sovereign and independent countries, The Australian Home Department has strict rules and regulations to govern entry of foreigners into the country. The same rule applies to Vatican Citizens too.

Hence before embarking on a flight to Australia, the onus lies on these citizens to ensure that they have their Australian online visas processed through the right channels.

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Berlin Could Be An Option

While electronic channels are the best options you could also look at the Australian Embassy in Berlin, Germany where it is possible to get visa applications processed in a brick and mortar environment.

However, this would call for travelling to Germany from Vatican City which might not be suitable for one and all.

Quite A Bit Of Improvements Have Been Made

Compared to what it was around a few years back, there is no doubt that the Australian Home Department has taken quite a few steps to make visa processing easy for all and particularly for Vatican City citizens.

This is because many citizens of Vatican City do need to visit Australia for religious purposes. Today, you have eVisa facilities which make it possible to apply for Australian tourist visa sitting in Vatican City and that too in the comfort of your home or workplace.

What Does It Offer?

When you choose the eVisa route you will be directed to the website of the Australian Home Department.

Here you will be able to get full details about the various formalities to be gone through when applying for visa for visit to Australia for a specific period of time.

The website details the forms to be filled, the step by step approach, the visa fees and exemptions of visa fees and other such things.

If you spend some time going through the website you should not have much of a problem when it comes to getting online visa for visiting Australia as a Vatican Citizen.

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It would also be pertinent to mention that as a member of the European Union, Vatican Citizens will not have much of a problem getting visa for visit to Australia using the eVisa route or by visiting the Australian Embassy in Berlin, Germany.

Their online system is comparable to the best in more ways than one.

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