Australian Visa for Croatian citizens – Application


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Australia is one of the popular countries in the Universe. This is because of various reasons some of them being the diversity in cultures and people, unrestricted and amicable working conditions as well as its exhilarating fauna and flora.

If you are a Croatian national and intend to visit Australia for its unbeatable features or for business, this article has a detailed guide that will help you understand clearly what you need in order to acquire an Australian visa.


  1. Online VISA application
  2. Short Stay VISA
  3. Physical Application of Visa


Online VISA application

You can opt for an electronic VISA if you do not want to make your visits to the embassy. It is also denoted by e676. For you to apply for the electronic VISA, you can look up for an electronic visa to Australia on your browser.

This type of VISA allows you to stay for up to one year.

The processing times differ and it is advisable to apply for these types of VISA at least two weeks before you’ve planned the visit and therefore, it is recommended to make the application on time to avoid disappointments of delay.

You are provided with an option to check the status of your application online and there is an eVisa help desk to send your queries about your application.

For visitors over the age of 75, there is a requirement for you to fill a medical form to assess your health. The required form can be downloaded on the webpage for online applications of visas.

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Short stay VISA

You can apply for this VISA if you want to stay for less than 6 weeks in the country. The Australian embassy in Zagreb can be a good place for you to obtain the VISA if you do not want to apply it online.

There are some requirements for applying this type of VISA which must be met by every applicant. You might be required to provide some documents and it is worth knowing that the processing is not done in the Australian embassy at Zagreb but in Australia.

Thus, it is advisable to not apply for your air ticket before you receive a recommendation for your application. You can also get more information about this VISA by visiting the website homepage.

The physical application of Visa

You can instead opt for the physical application by going to the Australian embassy at Zagreb. You basically fill an application form and you can send it by mail or courier. It is preferred that you can be able to make physical enquires about your application.

The requirements for the physical application for Australian VISA for Croatian citizens are the same as for the e676.

Undoubtedly, Australia is one country everyone wants to visit. They have made it easy by making applications simple to you. With the amazing features and environment within the country, you surely do not want to miss out on your visit to Australia due to VISA problems.

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Follow the guidelines in this article and your VISA application will be made easier.

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