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Australian Visa On Arrival – Online Application – Apply in 5 min.

Australian Visa On Arrival

Anyone, other than the Australian citizens, entering Australia requires a visa or the authority to enter the country. A visa is a permission granted to you for particular reasons such as study, business or tourism.

The Australian Visa On Arriva application process involves specific procedures and instructions and you should follow them to obtain the visa card.


  1. About Australian visa on arrival (ETA)
  2. Australian visa on arrival requirements
  3. How to apply for Australian visa on arrival?
  4. Cost of Australian visa on arrival
  5. Conclusion

About Australian visa on arrival (ETA)

The Online Australian Visa On Arrival (ETA) allows travelers to travel the country as many times as possible – up to one year – and stay for a period of three months during each visit.

The visa is available for all passport holders from various regions and countries – people not living in Australia.

Australian visa application


Australian visa on arrival requirements

Australian Visa On ArrivalTo get the Australian Visa on arrival, you will have to provide a certified translation of all the needed documents in English. Any document you submit in another language and without a certified translation will not be considered in the assessment process.

Each applicant has to meet all the health requirements. You might need to undergo a medical examination, chest x-ray or medical fitness certificate depending on the number of days you intended to stay in the country, the intended activities and your age.

You will have to record the visa online and the airline staff will have to confirm it after you board a plane. The Australian border officials will have to confirm it after you land in the country.

After the Australian Visa on Arrival Application service grants you the visa, you will receive a notification letter on your email. Remember to check the date of birth, name, and the passport number to ensure that they are all correct.

How to apply for Australian visa on arrival?

To apply for an Australian visa on arrival, you just need to visit the Australian Department of Immigration’s website. The entire application process takes a few minutes, but the needed time will highly variable depending on the mistakes you are likely to make during the application.

During the application, you will need to search for the appropriate visa depending on your needs and follow all the instructions. Most travelers complain about the tiresome process, thanks to the many bureaucratic procedures.

After the application, you will have to wait for 24 hours. Therefore, be careful to avoid making mistakes on the application form because that could lead to canceled trip or delays. The online application is cost-effective and faster.

Australian visa application

To complete the application process, follow the following steps:

Step 1: Lodge a visa application process. The assessors prioritize on the complete applications. Complete applications are those offering the needed information in decision-making.

Use as much information as possible to support the information, because the assessors can use rely solely on the provided information. An incomplete application may lead to the refusal of the visa.

Step 2: Provide other needed documents. This is only if the assessors require you to offer documents relating to particular circumstances after the application lodgement. They do not accept uncertified documents.

If your documents are in any other language, other than English, you will have to provide a translation.

Remember to lodge the visa application before the day you plan to leave because failure to do that might lead to delays – you might not meet your travel goals. Avoid entering into financial commitments before you are granted the visa to avoid losses.

An air ticket is not among the visa requirements, and it will not help you get a visa.

Australian visa application


Cost of Australian visa on arrival

There are no application charges for the ETA visa. However, you will have to pay a 39 EUR service charge. This charge applies to the online applications only.


The Australian ETA visa will remain valid from the issuance date rather than the traveler’s arrival date. In other words, most people do not apply for the visa until their last week before departing.

However, with Australian visa on arrival, you can apply for the visa on your arrival date. Moreover, you can complete the whole application process online at any time of the day.

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