Australian Visa for Austrian Citizens – Requirements and Visa Types


About Visa to Australia

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  1. Tourist visas
  2. Student Program
  3. Business visa
  4. Working Holiday Program
  5. Medical treatment visa
  6. Retirement visa
  7. Conclusion

Tourist visas

For touristic or recreational purposes, including holidays, sightseeing, visits to friends and family or other short-term reasons (less than three months), not related to work or work, you can request an electronic visa service or Australian tourist visa, or a sponsored family visa.


Student Program

If you wish to participate in the Australian International Student Program, you must complete a full-time registered course.

For this, you need a student visa. For business visits of less than three months, you will need a business visa (short stay) to acquire Australian visas on-line for Austrian citizens for conferences or business meetings.

Business Visa

If you are organizing a business event or a conference, you may need another Australian ETA. For longer-term employment in Australia, you need to be sponsored by a company that wants to employ you for up to four years.

Working Holiday Program

If you are between 18 and 30 years old and you want to work in Australia, you can join the Working Holiday Program, which allows you to accept occasional jobs.

Medical Treatment Visa

Travel within Australia for medical consultations or treatment requires that you have a medical treatment visa.

Retirement Visa

You can also get a retirement visa if you want to spend some of your retirement years in Australia and a transit visa if you want to stop on the way to another location. If you want to migrate permanently to Australia, you must participate in the Migration Program, which includes people with special abilities that contribute to the Australian economy and those whose relatives are already in Australia and who are willing to sponsor them.

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There is also a humanitarian program for refugees. If you are a permanent resident in Australia but you are not an Australian citizen, you will need a return of residence visa to resume your temporary departure.

Each Austalian visa is subject to different conditions and may require additional documentation to accompany the application.

The only thing that all visas have in common is that you must specify the duration of your planned stay. If you apply for a three-week visa, but after your arrival, you decide you want to extend it to two months, you may have a problem.

You may have to undergo a medical examination and/or a chest x-ray to complete your visa application. However, this is unlikely for a stay of up to 3 months, unless you already have a serious medical condition.

To avoid difficulties when receiving an Australian visa, you must also have a certificate of medical aptitude. There is also a visa fee, so a confirmation must be attached. There may be cases in which a personal interview is conducted and the candidates are informed in advance of the procedures.

Australian Visa


Not all people are entitled to an Australian visa. Therefore, you can take an online aptitude test to assess the requirement of your individual visa. Please note that all visas are granted at the discretion of the Australian Government.

Therefore, one must be careful and avoid being a victim of fraudulent practices. Visas can not be guaranteed because their approval depends on individual applications.


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