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About Visa to Australia

Every country is mindful of non-citizens planning to visit. For that reason, countries have immigration departments to ensure genuine entry of visitors. Immigration departments have laws and regulations that govern any incoming visitor. This is important for enhanced security and curbing of population pressure. One of the mandates of immigration department is the issuance of visas to qualified visitors entering the country. One of the many visas issued is spouse visa. In case you are a not a citizen of your partner’s country of residence, you are eligible to apply for this visa.

In case you are in a relationship with or a spouse to an Australian citizen, you will need a Spouse Visa Australia. However, you will have to undergo an application process. The process should be undertaken with a lot of care. This is necessary to ensure you do not miss out on this Spouse Visa.

Spouse Visa Australia allows a sponsorship period of two years. Under this period, you will stay in Australia with your spouse or partner. This period is enough to find out if you are fit for each other and the relationship is genuine. No doubt it is enough time for you to study your partner.

Australian visa

Once the two years elapse, the Spouse Visa Australia becomes invalid. However, all hope is not lost. In case the relationship is genuine, you will qualify for Australian permanent residence.


Eligibility for A spouse Visa Australia

Prior to applying for an Australian Spouse Visa, you will need to meet certain requirements. These requirements will put you in a pole position for earning spouse visa to Australia. So, what are these essential requirements:
  • Be married to an Australian citizen. Also, those in a relationship with Australian citizens meet this threshold of applying for an Australian spouse visa. The relationship should have a higher chance of resulting in marriage soon.
  • Proof of your legally acceptable marriage according to the Australian law. Any other evidence of shared life and mutual commitment is also important.
  • Meet character and health requirements recommended by the Australian Department of Immigration and Border Protection. It shows the willingness of adhering to Australian laws and regulations. Also, it ensures you do not bring any unwarranted diseases to Australian diseases.
  • De factor should prove that their de facto relationship has existed for at least 12 months. This relationship should be genuine beyond any reasonable doubt.
  • Those in a relationship should assure the Australian Immigration of their intention to continue living together. However, this is subject to change when a permanent residence is attained.
  • In case you lodge your Australian Visa application while in Australia you will be required to be present when it is being issued.
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Australian Visa


Spouse visa Australia is what every foreigner in a relationship with an Australian Citizen wants to get. It guarantees to stay in Australia with your spouse for 2 years at first. Then there is a possibility of attaining permanent residence. Sincerely, it is worth every effort and time spent while trying to attain it. While applying for one ensure you follow all the set requirements.

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