Australian visa for Spanish citizens – an easy way to apply


About Visa to Australia

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Over time, many Spaniards have developed a great love for Australia. Australia’s support and conducive environment for visitors perhaps make it a great destination for many.

The country is among the largest nations in the world and offers a diversity in people and business opportunities.

Hence, it is a destination for many enterprising business persons and investors.

Australian visa for Spanish citizens

However, there are the logistics and bureaucracies involved to legally travel to the country. One common thing that we all know about is an electronic visa for Australia.


  1. Types of VISA from which you can make your selection
  2. Online Application
  3. Offline Application 

If you are a Spanish who is planning to visit Australia and wonders how to acquire a Visa, then this article is definitely meant for you.

We will learn how to obtain an Australian visa for Spanish citizens.


Types of VISA from which you can make your selection

Short Term Stay Visa

With this Visa, you can be legally in Australia for a period of not more than 6 weeks. One important thing about the Visa is that often, it is legally processed in Australia not unless under very special conditions.

You can make your application online and submit it to the relevant Authorities just through the online process. Alternatively, you can visit the Australian embassy in Madrid and make the application there.

You need to remember that with this electronic travel authorization for Australia, you need to reapply for it during your next visit.

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Australian visa

Long-term Visa

A holder of this type of visa is officially allowed to stay in Australia for at most a year. It is relatively a better option as compared to the short term, in that it is renewed annually and therefore, it entails repeated visits within a year are not paid for.

There are two ways to apply for these kinds of VISA.

Online Application

With this type of application, you fill the documents online and receive an online approval. You can search for Australian Visa for Spanish citizens and among the results are options you can navigate for a successful application.

There is also an option for monitoring the proceeds of your application and contact in case of difficulties. It is worth noting that people over the age of 70 may have to be assessed for health.

Offline Application

Here, you will be required to either mail or deliver in parcel your application to the Australian embassy in Madrid. After an assessment of your travel intentions and authentication of the documents provided, your application is approved otherwise not.

The processing time is variant and you should make the application sometime before the day of the flight.

Acquiring an Australian Visa for Spanish citizens has been simplified in order to cut down the complex procedures in making the application and as well as acquiring the ETA agency.

Through the above-mentioned ways, you can easily make your application and receive the Visa on time just before your traveling time. You can either choose to do the manual procedure or just engage yourself in the online application.

It is also recommended to make the application on time to avoid delays.


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