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Australian visa for Estonian Citizens – Application process

Australian visa for Estonian Citizens

The Australian visa for Estonian citizens has become easily accessible. This has been contributed immensely by the inception of the online visa application process. As an Estonian citizen, you can apply for your Australian visa right from the comfort of your house.

This will save you from the hustle incurred in visiting an Australian Embassy in a bid to apply for a visa.


  1. Required documents for instance
  2. The application process for Australian visa for Estonian citizens
  3. Processing and Approval
  4. Conclusion

Once you acquire an Australian Visa, there are a number of activities you can freely engage in. Some of the things you can do in Australia include, pursuing your studies, working, doing business, touring the country among many more.

To enjoy all that freedom, you will need a legally acquired visa. To obtain one, you will be subjected to an application process.

Australian visa application

Required documents for instance

• A valid passport acquired from the relevant authority in your country.

• A medical examination report confirming the state of your health.

• Be a citizen of Estonia

• A certificate of good conduct

• A passport sized photograph

The application process for Australian visa for Estonian citizens

The Australian government has rolled out a systematic visa application process, which every Estonian visa applicant needs to follow. This process requires you to do the following:

• Complete an online application

Here you will be expected to visit the Australian visa application portal. You will be served with an application form where you will be required to fill in your personal information. Make sure you fill in your exact personal details without lying.

Besides, you will be expected to attach your recent passport size photograph.

• Cross-check your personal details

Verify your details to ensure you have filled them incorrectly. Correct any spelling mistakes, to ensure your visa bears your true identity.

• Payment of application fees

Choose a secure payment method, for instance, debit card, credit card or even PayPal. Pay the quoted application fees before submitting your application form for processing.

• Submit your form

After you have verified your details and paid the required fee, you can now submit your form for approval. You can then look forward to the relevant authority’s feedback.

Australian visa application

Processing and Approval

After you have submitted your Australian visa application, it will be subjected to processing. Here your details will be checked to determine if indeed you have met all the requirements. If that is the case, your application will be approved and the visa will be sent to you via email.


For Estonian citizens, it is now easier to acquire an Australian visa. Ensure you meet all the requirements and the recommended online application process. Doing so will earn you an Australian visa within the least time possible.

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