Australian Visa for Estonian citizens – Application process


About Visa to Australia

Estonia is a member state of the European Union, meaning its citizens, together with other nationals of the EU countries, may freely visit Australia with their identification document and the Australian eTA.

The Australian eTA, also known as eVisitor, is a travel authentication document issued electronically. It stays valid for an entire year and allows multiple pursuits to cross the Australian border. However, a single visit to Australia cannot last longer than 90 days.

The electronic visa for Estonian citizens has become easily accessible due to the online application process. The registration is simple, and as an Estonian citizen, you can apply for the eTA online visa right from the comfort of your house.


  1. Reasons to Visit Australia
  2. Required Documents for Estonian Citizens
  3. Application Process for Estonian Citizens
  4. Australian eTA Processing and Approval
  5. Conclusion

Reasons to Visit Australia

Once you acquire an Australian eTA Visa, there are various activities you may engage in. With the permit, you are allowed to visit your family, pursue studies, perform unpaid work, do business, and tour the country, among many more.

While completing the application form, you are required to state the purpose of your travel. In general, you may travel to Australia for tourism, business, and transit. Remember that the eTA visa is not a work permit, so you are not allowed to perform any paid work while residing in Australia.


Required Documents for Estonian Citizens

In order to start the eTA application process, you must first make sure you meet all the necessary requirements. Schedule a visit to the doctor and prepare the essential documentation. You will need the following:

  • Valid passport obtained from the relevant authority in your country.
  • Medical examination report confirming the state of your health.
  • Certificate proving clean criminal record.
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What is more, you must have access to your inbox. When your application is approved by the Australian authorities, the eTA visa will be sent to your e-mail address. The permit is joined to the number of your passport, therefore, there is no need to print it out before the journey.

Application Process for Estonian Citizens

The Australian government has rolled out a systematic visa application process, which every Estonian applicant needs to follow. It should not take more than 10 minutes and is very intuitive. In order to obtain the Australian eTA, you should do the following:

• Complete the online application form

While applying for the eTA, you are expected to visit the Australian visa application portal. You must fill in the questionnaire with your personal information. While doing so, make sure you answered all the questions truthfully.

• Check your personal details

Verify the information you have provided in order to make sure you have filled in the application form properly. Correct spelling mistakes to ensure your eTA electronic visa to Australia will be issued on time.

• Pay for the application fee

Select the secure payment method of your choice. You may use a debit card, credit card, or PayPal to pay for the application fees. You should do it before submitting your application form for processing. The price of the eTA to Australia is currently 49 EUR.

• Submit your form

After verifying the information from the form and paying the required fee, you can submit the registration questionnaire for approval.

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Australian eTA Processing and approval

After you have submitted your Australian eTA visa, it will be subjected to processing. The waiting time is usually a few days, but it depends on the number of inquiries to be issued and the processing conducted on the Australian side.

Your application will be carefully checked by the officers, and if you meet all the requirements, the visa approval notice will be sent to you via e-mail.


For Estonian citizens, acquiring an Australian eTA visa is straightforward and effortless. If they meet all the necessary requirements, they may complete the application process online. Remote registration is much more comfortable than the regular visa application at the Embassy, and it saves the traveler time.

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