How to move to Australia from the USA


About Visa to Australia

Australia has a lot to offer. This is why so many people have been inspired to pack their bags and move to Australia. From its job opportunities to its sunny beaches, thriving economy, friendly locals, and also its laid-back attitude, Australia is increasing its attraction every day. No matter your reason for moving, it is important that you know exactly what you will need and how you will sort out every detail and aspect regarding the move as this is most important ever to a number of people who are well known.

Australia is a developed English speaking country that is why Americans are attracted to it. There is no language barrier. The country has warm weather and good job prospects with attractive pay. Here is what you need to know about how to move to Australia from the USA.

How to move to Australia from the USA

1. Visa

You will definitely need a visa in order to move to Australia. There are several types of visas that one can apply for when going or moving to Australia. If moving, then these 3 types of visas stand out.
Family Visa: this is specifically for those who already have family living in Australia. It also applies if you have family in New Zealand.

Student Visa: you can only be eligible for this type of visa if you have already enrolled as a student in any learning institution in Australia. If you are not enrolled you can apply for exchange programs. Exchange programs have agreements that can make you legible for a student visa.

Work Visa: one of the easiest ways to get a work visa is being hired in Australia. The company can then come in handy in helping you get into Australia. You can also obtain a work visa on your own by passing a points test. This requires a strong candidate. Points can be earned by having skills acquired from previous employment, having good English language skills, being below 40 years of age, having assets and other resources that generate finances, having professional qualifications, a degree, a diploma, a Ph.D. or a doctorate.

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2. Get Vaccinated

Getting a Visa is the biggest step in the move. Once you have your Visa it means you have the permission to travel to the country. Every country has its own needed vaccines, some are compulsory some are optional. Australia does not have mandatory vaccines, but they recommend a few. This means you have a choice of either getting the vaccines or not. Generally, vaccines are always meant to protect you.

3. Getting to Australia

Getting to Australia is definitely by flight. Australia is on the very opposite side of America and even the quickest way can take at least 14 hours. Several airlines offer flights to Australia meaning you will have a variety to choose from. Cheap tickets sell out quite fast, you definitely want to book early for one. This means the plan for your travel dates ahead. The most popular and direct flight to Australia is a 15-hour long flight from LA to Sydney.

4. Moving

You will need to go through your possessions and get rid of all the junk. When moving to Australia from the USA carrying a lot of stuff with you might be expensive. This is because you will be charged a cost for transportation and customs fees too. If you do not want to leave it to family or give them out, you should consider selling them and save the money to buy new stuff once you get to Australia. You can have a checklist of the thing you need to do so that you make sure every loose end is tied up.

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The checklist can include:

  • Taking care of any unpaid loans: move with a clean financial record. Make payments for student’s loans or mortgages if any.
  • Redirect mail: you can choose to have your mail sent to your new Australian address or to family and friends in the US.
  • Cancel all subscriptions: it is very important that you cancel all subscriptions, this will ensure that you don’t get charged for what you are not using.
  •  Inform your bank and government offices of your move: these include the IRS, immigration, and any other governing body.
  •  Your medical documents: contact your doctor, dentist or optician so that they can give you your medical history and all the necessary documents. This will come in handy when you need health care while in Australia.

5. Set up your Australian finances

For a smooth transition, it is advised that you set up finances before leaving for Australia. Australian banks have programs that help immigrants set up accounts and transfer their money to it. This is an online transaction that is safe and you can do it when you are still in the states. Doing this will help you hit the ground running you can even have a credit card to use as soon as you land. If you will still need access to US dollars for whatever reason, you can look into the multi-currency accounts that can allow you to have that option.

6. Social security

Americans in Australia are all legible for social security. It can be possible for you to rollover your 401(k) into Australia superfund or you can also choose to withdraw it as cash with some tax penalties. However, talk to relevant authorities about the relevant laws in both the USA and Australia in order to know how to move To Australia from the USA

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7. Feel at home

Once you move, it is important to learn as much as you can about the country. Learn about their driving laws, and their lingo too. As much as they speak English, there are a few variations that you will want to know. Australia is not very different from the US, the differences are obvious and not many. You will find very familiar products in their supermarkets, the restaurants serve meals that will make you feel that you are home away from home. You will also find a lot of US culture in Australia.


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