Australian Visa for Portuguese citizens – The application


About Visa to Australia

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When traveling into another country, one of the essential documents you need to have is a visa. This document will grant you entry into your preferred foreign country. But first, you will be subjected to an Australian electronic visa application.

This can be undertaken at the country’s embassy or can be conducted online. This has made it easier for a Portuguese to acquire an Australian Visa for Portuguese Citizens.

Australian Visa for Portuguese Citizens

The application can be undertaken online without any problem. In fact, it is one of the easiest ways of obtaining an Australian Visa for Portuguese Citizens. However, there is a catch.

You will be required to adhere strictly to the laid down application rules. Doing so will obviously boost your chance of getting this essential document.

With it you can go about your endeavours in Australia, for instance, taking part in business activities, touring the country or staying there.

Apply online for an eTA Visa

The application process

Applying for an Australian travel authority is something that can be undertaken online. This will save you the hustle of travelling up to the Australian embassy to kick start your Visa application process.

During your visa application process, there are a number of documents you need to have. These documents are among the Australian visa requirements that are used in checking your eligibility for an Australian visa.

These documents are supposed to be put together before the visa application process. Below are the documents you will be expected to have:

  • Payment method
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Prior to submitting your visa application form, you will be expected to pay for this service. Being an online process you can use the following payment methods, PayPal, debit and credit card. These are among the most trusted and secure online payment methods.

  • Valid passport

A genuine passport is a vital travel document when moving to another country. So any Portuguese wishing to apply for an Australian Visa is expected to have this document. Acquiring a passport is considerably easy.

What you need to do is visit the authority which issues this document in your country. You will be subjected to an easy an application process and in a nick of time, you will have acquired your passport.

Once you have received your passport, make a point of checking its expiry date. This is important in confirming the validity of your passport.

You will also be expected to answer several questionnaires. These questionnaires are aimed at finding out the reason for your travel alongside related issues. While answering these questions, ensure you maintain absolute honesty. After that, you can now start your application process.

Apply online for an eTA Visa


Applying for an Australian visa online is much easier than the manual process. Besides, it is less tiresome and considerably cheap.

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