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Australian visa for Indian Citizens in USA – How to apply?

australian visa for indian citizen

NOTE: India is a non-ETA eligible country. So it is impossible for Indian Citizens to get Australian ETA visa unless they are passport holders of other ETA eligible countries, for example USA.

So if you are an Indian citizen and you possess the second passport of a country which is ETA eligible, You can apply for an Australian visa.

The online application method is the most suitable because you will avoid a lot of stress.

You will only fill an online application form and the visa will be emailed to you.

Before you start applying for the visa, it is necessary to carry out research and know what you are supposed to provide or the minimum requirements you should meet before the visa can be approved.

Australian visa for Indian Citizens in USA

What is an Online Australian visa for Indian citizens in the USA?

It is a document to which Indian citizens apply so that they can be allowed to travel to Australia.

The application process is simple because you only have to follow the steps provided. Basic information about you is required after which the application will be processed online.

Australian visa

The online platform is secure hence you can provide all your personal information which is required for the processing of your travel documents.

Australian visa for Indian Citizens in USA

How to apply for Australian visa for Indian passport holders online

There are several steps involved in the application of Australian visa for Indian passport holders online. Here are the steps you need to follow as an Indian citizen applying for an Australian visa.

Fill the Application Form

After you log into the e-Visa application platform, you will access a form which will require you to fill out different details. The form has sections where you will be required to fill out your personal information.

You should ensure you have filled all the fields. Some of the fields include your national identical number, your age, gender, address among other personal information details.

Ensure all the details you provide about yourself are correct so that you can avoid delay in processing your visa for Indian Citizen application form.

Payment method

There are several payment methods accepted on the e-Visa application platform. You can opt for a MasterCard, visa card or even union pay credit cards.

If you own a debit card, you can as well apply it in your application process.

Ensure you have the necessary funds required for the processing of your documents.

To avoid a mix-up of details, ensure the credit card you use to pay for the processing of the documents bears your name.

How to get a visa

The online visa application process runs on the platform after which you will have to download the document.

Provided you have followed all the necessary steps, you will not face any problem when trying to download the visa.

The visa will be downloaded in a PDF format from where you can print and carry a copy with you to the airport so that the immigration officers can sign it to allow you to travel to Australia.

Australian visa for Indian Citizens in USA

Requirements for Australian visa for Indian

Some of the requirements include paying the processing fee.

Apart from the fee, you will be required to state the reasons why you are traveling to Australia.

There are several reasons which you can give to get approved for the visa for Indian passport holders.

You may be traveling on a tourist adventure, travel for business reasons or even to study in Australia.

You may be even traveling to another state through Australia.

The travel visa remains valid for only 90 days.

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