Australian visa for Japanese citizens – Types of Visa


About Visa to Australia

If you are a resident or citizen of Japan, and you are planning a trip to Australia, then you need to get a visa for Australia travel.

There are, however, different types of Australian visa for Japanese citizens, and you need to be sure that you get the right type.

If not, you might encounter serious problems with the government of Australia, because you won’t have the right paperwork for travel around the country.

Australian visa for Japanese citizens

Below are the types of Australian visa for Japanese citizens:

  1. Tourist visa
  2. Business visa
  3. Work visa
  4. Student visa
  5. Crew visa
  6. News media visa

Tourist visa

If you are planning to travel to Australia for personal reasons only, that is a vacation, or to visit friends or family, then this is the type you need.

Apply for an Australian visa if you travel on a tourist visa then you may not conduct any type of business or engage in any type of work, whilst you are there.


Business visa

If you are traveling to Australia for business purposes, or for cultural, scientific or technological exchange, advanced education of up to 6 months duration, to deliver a lecture or carry out an investigation, then you need a business visa.

If you are a Japanese student with a student visa you are not permitted to work in Australia, but you are allowed to apply for an ETA.

Work visa

If you want to take up employment in Australia, then you need a work visa. If you are traveling with dependents, they will also need the same type of visa.

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Student visa

If you are going to be studying for higher education in Australia, then you need a student visa. The length of time the visa allows you to stay is determined by your course.

The visa should be converted to a Residence Permit within thirty days of your arrival.

This is done in the town where you will be living or studying, by the Public Security Bureau. You will need to supply proof of enrolment and your course’s length.

Crew visa

Japanese citizens who are part of a flight crew, arriving in Australia and leaving on the same or next day, need a crew visa. If you are going to be staying longer than overnight, you will need a different type of visa.

News media visa

Japanese Journalists or news organizations needing to travel to Australian in order to cover news events need a news media visa. The length of time they are permitted to remain in the country is usually a few months at most, and this will be decided when the visa is issued.

The type of Australian visa you need is dependent on your reason for wanting to go there. Each type is governed by strict rules, and you must abide by these completely, or you could face immediate deportation and criminal charges.

Therefore, it’s important to know what type of Australian visa you need and to submit the correct documentation, including forms and supporting paperwork.

This will make the whole process as quick and as easy as possible, and ensure that you are fully familiar with the restrictions applying to your visit.

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