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About Visa to Australia

A family visa also called a relative visa, is a document that permits New Zealand/Australian permanent residents and citizens to bring family members to Australia. It can be used to bring children, siblings, and generally, the ones who meet requirements.

The government of Australia recognizes the need to stay with relatives, so it introduced family visas. It is a perfect option for everyone who wishes to stay in Australia with their close ones.

There are many types of Australian family visas. If you want to bring your partner, you need to apply for a partner visa. In the case of a parent, you should get, for example, a contributory parent visa. The process of application usually is very easy and unproblematic.

Can you get a family visa for Australia?

You can obtain an Australian family visa if you are a relative of a permanent resident/citizen of Australia or New Zealand.

Eligible people can sponsor their family members so they can join them in the country. It could be done on a temporary or permanent basis.

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Australia family visa types

Partner & Spouse Visa (including those in same-sex relationships)

This family visa can be used by those who are in a relationship with an Australian/New Zealand citizen or Australian Permanent Visa holder.

There are subclasses of partner visas: temporary or permanent. With the temporary one, which allows multiple entries to the country, you can live, work and study in Australia, as well as attend English language classes and apply for access to the public health care scheme.

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With a permanent visa, you are permitted to live in Australia, as well as work, and study there. Besides, you can sponsor family members (those who are eligible to come to the country) and apply for citizenship.

Remember that you need to prove your relationship. You can do it by preparing documents such as financial contributions or that you were seen as a couple by people.

Prospective Marriage Visa

This visa type allows you to go to Australia to marry your spouse, and then apply for a Partner visa. With it, you can stay in the country for 9 or 15 months, work, and study in Australia.

Besides, you must be at least 18 years old, have an Australian/New Zealand sponsor who is a permanent resident or citizen, intend to marry your partner before the expiration of the visa, and be outside Australia during the application process.

Parent Visas

You can apply for a Sponsored Parent (temporary) visa, which grants up to 3 or 5 years of stay in the country. With it, you can visit Australia during the validity period of your visa and can apply for further visas. However, you cannot work in Australia.

Besides, you must have a sponsor, apply online, and lodge a visa application within 6 months (or 60 in case you have permission to apply in the country).

Next, you can get a Contributory Parent visa. It is a permanent visa that allows parents of a citizen of Australia/New Zealand or Australian permanent residents to stay in the country.

It is possible to move to Australia with these Parent visas and stay there permanently, sponsor eligible relatives, so they can come to Australia, or apply for citizenship.

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Child Visa

A child visa (subclass 101 and 802) is the permanent type that allows children to move to Australia and live there with their parents. Besides, children, who have this visa, can study, access Medicare, and apply for citizenship.

What is more, the child must be under 18 years, a student between 18 and 25, or over 18 and unable to work because of a disability. Also, they need to be single and dependent on their parents.

Moreover, it is possible to get a Dependent Child visa – it is a temporary visa that allows a child to stay in Australia while processing their parent’s permanent partner visa application. A child is able to move/stay in Australia, work and study, or travel in and out of the country as long as is dependent and sponsored by their parents.

Also, you can apply for an Adoption visa. Thanks to it, children adopted outside of Australia can live with their adoptive parents in the country. The dependent child can study in Australia, has access to Medicare, and apply for citizenship with this visa.

Remaining Relative Visa

There are two subclasses of the Remaining relative visas: 115 and 835. These documents are designed for people who want to move to Australia to be with their only close family members.

With this visa type, you can work or study in the country and be in a public healthcare scheme. Remember that you should be outside of Australia during the application process and have an eligible sponsor who is a permanent resident/citizen of Australia or New Zealand.

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Aged Dependent Relative Visa

An Aged dependent relative visa, which is a permanent type, is designed for a single older person who needs financial support from a relative living in Australia. We can distinguish 114 and 838 subclasses of this visa.

Both allow you to stay in Australia as a permanent resident, sponsor a family member, and apply for citizenship. To obtain it, you need to be in Australia and be sponsored by eligible Australian relatives.

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