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Australian travel visa – How to apply?

Australian travel visa

Australia has a lot in its store for its descender. Its constantly thriving economy and abundance of natural beauty is the reason why, people from across the world flock here for the job, business, leisure or permanent settlement. Though the nation hosts a long list of visas, each having different purpose of stay in the Australian territory and different validity period, the most applied one is Australian Travel Visas. This visa enables immigrants to travel to Australia for sightseeing, short-term business purpose, vacations, and family intents. Usually, these visas allow you to stay here for three months, but in some cases, it can be extended to last for one year.

How to apply for Australian travel visa online

You can visit the website of Australian visa online and click on the registration, here you have to fill the details of your name, date of birth, mail id and select the required visa office near to your address and create the user ID for login. After creating the user ID login to the visa online portal.
Australian travel visa

Fill the Australian travel visa application online form

  1. After login to the visa, portal clicks the Apply for fresh visa/Reissue of visa link.
  2. You get the window and choose the fill the application form online, here you get the fill-up details in step by step for the following you get in an application.
  3. Visa type
  4. Applicant details
  5. Family details
  6. Present address
  7. Previous address1
  8. Previous address2
  9. Emergency contact
  10. References
  11. Previous visa
  12. Other details
In visa type, you need to choose the application type you have to proceed that is for Australian scheme you need to select visa type is in Australian mode. And choose the remaining details inappropriate way. Remaining personal details are filled properly without any mistaken step by step and finally, save and submit the filled application form. You get the pay and scheduled appointment option, here you pay the fee by online mode only for an appointment at the visa office.

Payment method

Following are the online payment types:
  • Debit/Credit card (Master and Visa card)
  • PayPal
  •  Internet banking( Associate Banks only)

Apply for eTA Online

Requirements for Australian travel visa

Australian travel visa
1. Verification certificate with signed by the authorized officer.
2. Required any three documents for photo identity and for address proof.
3. Non-judicial stamp paper
4. Supporting documents
5. Color photographs
6. If you are applied by emergency basis then submit the required document if you are having.
Apply for eTA Online

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