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Australian visa for Swedish citizens – Application and Requirements

Australian visa for Swedish citizens

Applying for an Australian visa for Swedish citizens is definitely not an easy thing. The queue at the embassy can be quite long and it can take hours to send the request. And then there is all the waiting while the visa is processed.

In fact, waiting for the result of your visa application can be as disconcerting as the shipment itself. In this case, you are most likely very anxious if you wait a few weeks to receive news of your request.

Australian visa for Swedish citizens


  1. Apply in 5 minutes through Online Application
  2. Apply through Embassy

Fortunately, you can track the progress of your application to the Australian Embassy. Everyone here must know how to do it correctly to maximize their efforts.

The first thing you should know here is when to continue.

Australian visa

Technically, you can follow up just days after your request is submitted. However, this would not be a good idea since it is very likely that your application has not yet reached the processing table, so the embassy people will not really give you any information about.

The best time to verify your request is after four weeks. At this time, it is very likely that your application has already been received for processing, so there will be updates. Also, this time is a long enough wait for the embassy to automatically send you the updates.

When tracking, you must have your Transaction Identification Number (TIN) on hand. This is usually given to you after the embassy has received your request. So be sure to take note of it, as it will be used to locate your documents.

If you have forgotten your TIN, you can provide your full name and details to obtain information.

Here are several ways to choose how to continue your application.

Australian visa for Swedish citizens

Apply in 5 minutes through Online Application

You also have the option of having an agent help you with the Australian visa. Of course, agents give you all the information and changes. They will also make sure you meet the required qualifications and advise you on how you can meet them if you have not already done so.

Australian Visa

You make sure that your applications are free of errors and that your requests are sent on time.

Apply through Embassy

Going personally to the embassy is probably the least viable option unless you have a lot of money available. Telephone updates are probably the next best solution you can use. But be prepared, because calling the embassy can cost you about three dollars a minute.

Another way you can do is to verify your application online.

This is by far the easiest because you only need to log in with your TIN and check the status of your request. Keep in mind that this works best with online applications. Those who entered by other means will probably have fewer updates since they must be manually entered into the message database.

It includes application instructions and associated costs, information about required qualifications, character details, health and education controls, and an explanation of why a visa is granted or denied. You have to do everything by yourself, but you have all the information at your fingertips.

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