Australian Visa for Singaporean citizens – Online Application


About Visa to Australia

A Singapore citizen needs to obtain a visa before they can travel to Australia. You can apply for some of the visas online.


  1. Electronic Travel Authority
  2. Long Valid Visitor Visa
  3. Work and Holiday Visa Programme
  4. Australia’s Biosecurity Policies
  5. Long-term Visitors

Australian Visa for Singaporean Citizens

Electronic Travel Authority

The department of Home Affairs in Australia requires that citizens from Singapore who are visiting for a short period of time for business or tourism purposes should do an online application for the Electronic Travel Authority the visa is subclass six hundred and one.

If the ETA visa to Australia is granted, it will be valid for one year. It allows Singapore citizens to be able to visit a number of for a maximum of ninety days every visit.


Long Valid Visitor Visa

Citizens of Singapore can also apply for a Long Valid Visitor visa subclass 600. Application for this type of visa must be done in the Australian ETA Visa Application Centre.

Applicants should provide their personal biometric identifiers when applying for this visa. if the visa is granted it is valid for 6 years and allows Singapore citizens to visit a number of timers for a maximum of ninety days each visit.

Work and Holiday Visa Program

This visa began to operate on the 1st of August 2018, five hundred places will be available for visits in both Australian and Singapore. More than two hundred visitors visas were processed in Australia from Singapore in the year twenty sixteen.

Those who would like to take the work and holiday visa should be between eighteen and thirty years when they apply for a visa.

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Singapore citizens should hold a university degree or polytechnic diploma to be able to get the visa while

Australian citizens who want to take the visa should hold a university degree or have completed two years of full-time undergraduate university study.

This visa was created with the intention to increase business and tourism links between Singapore and Australia

Australia’s Biosecurity Policies

If you are traveling to Australis you should know that they commit to strict biosecurity policies that are out in place to protect the animal, human and plant health.

Before a guest arrives in Australia they will be given an Incoming Passenger Card. You should mark “yes” if you are carrying on yourself, in your luggage or in your carry on any items that would be considered a biosecurity risk.

These would include any animal products, certain food, and plant materials, traditional herbs and medicine and some pieces of wood.

You must declare possession of these items as misleading or false declarations is a very serious offense in Australia.

Long-term visitors

Long-term visitors should ensure that they do not stay past the stipulated period on their visas.

When you overstay in Australia it is considered a serious offense by the Australian Border Force this may cause you to have some difficulties in entering Australia in the future.

If you for whatever reason find that you have to stay that the period specified on the visa or you find out that your visa has already expired, you should visit the Department of Immigration and Border Protection office closest to you.

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