Australian Visa for Monaco Citizens – Requirements


About Visa to Australia

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One of the most intriguing things in the world is traveling in different parts of the world to explore nature or for any other reason. Even with the joy that comes with it, a good destination can be a cherry on top of the cake. One of such exhilarating destinations is Australia.

With its richness in marine fauna and flora as well as an assortment of cultures, it is certainly one of the first destinations for you as a Monaco resident.

Australian Visa for Monaco Citizens


  1. Online VISA
  2. VISA for Short Time Travels 
  3. Offline VISA

The nagging question is however how you can secure your VISA as a Monaco resident. The rules governing the issue of VISA for Monaco residents are more or the same as the ones for any French national.

Online VISA

The Australian government makes it easy to apply for a VISA by providing an online application for visa to Australia. This platform is readily available for any applicant without any exclusion of a particular individual provided they provide the required documentation.

For people over the age of 70, you may be required to take some medical assessments online. The required ETA application form is available on the webpage as well as certified physicians for the same.

No one wants delays or frustrations for their planned tour. Therefore, you can follow the guidelines aforementioned to apply for a visa if in Monaco. It is high time you embarked on travel to famous Australia from Monaco without VISA frustrations.


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VISA for short time travels

For stays less than six weeks, you can apply for a special VISA suited for such periods. The application is mostly done online as processing is only done in Australia. There are some documents required to authenticate and lead to the successful application of this type of VISA.

Such documents include common issues such as an Identity card. For this type of VISA, it is advisable to not pay for the ticket before the approval is made by the relevant authorities.

Processing time is estimated to be than 2 weeks though it is prudent to make the application at least three weeks before the planned visit.

Offline VISA

This is a VISA type that you can make the application manually by visiting the Australian embassy in France. The entire process is very simple and no complex procedures required at any particular stage of the procedure.

You only required to present a number of compulsory documents to the embassy who then process the VISA for you. Processing times differ from one applicant to another depending on the different times of their application.

It is thus advisable to make your application sometime before the day of travel. Furthermore, applications done through mail or parcel delivery services are allowed.

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