What time is it in Brisbane Australia?


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What time is it in Brisbane Australia

It is very important to understand what time is it in Brisbane Australia before making your traveling arrangement. This will guide you on the exact time you will reach Brisbane. Below are some of the important aspects you should understand about the standard time used:

The timezone in Brisbane is relative to Greenwich Meridian Time (GMT)

The time zone of Brisbane Queensland is abbreviated AEST (Australian Eastern Standard Time). It is GMT/UTC+ 10:00h. Therefore, at any given time, you add 10 hours to the standard GMT time.

What time is it in Brisbane Australia

What time is it in Brisbane Australia right now?

The Exact time in the Australian states are as follows: Australian Capital Territory, New South Wales, and Queensland are all under GMT+10:00h standard time. It is only Northern Territory which has a standard time of GMT + 9:30h.

Therefore, in Brisbane, the exact time is GMT standard time +10 hours. It is a simple conversion that can make your journey convenient as you can easily get the time to start your journey so as to reach there at your convenient time.

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