Australian Visa for San Marino citizens – Application and Requirements


About Visa to Australia

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The upgrade of the paper system to the paperless online application of vital travel documents has eased the duration for processing, the movement to and from the Government Departments.

The Australian government under the Australian visa application has also enabled the Australian visa for San Marino citizens to apply for the ETA over the internet. The great advantage is that the visitor for a holiday recess can apply for free.


  1. The visa categories that can be applied online
  2. How fast can the online visa process take?
  3. Various types of visa application
  4. What are the requirements for your application of an Australian ETA visa?

The full duration of the visa is 12 months, but the applicant can only stay in Australia for 12 weeks then can depart and come back within the visa period.

Australian visa for San Marino citizens

The e-Visa categories that can be applied online

Tourist E-visa Australia

The aim of a tourist:

  • Visiting and having a good time with comrades and family members who reside in Australia.
  • Apply for educational advancement in any field of interest for a specified time.
  • Enjoy the wonderful sites of the country as a tourist.

Australian visa

Business E-visa Australia

The applicant aim:

  • Contract negotiations for employment
  • Market opportunities survey, business partnership initiation.
  • Involvement in conferences, educational forums, trade fair without monetary gain.
  • Job transfer survey, home, and job pursuit.

How long does the process take?

The online process is prompt no delay if the correct information is provided. This can take less than 1 minute to qualify for the ETA and evisitor an Australian visa. The non-requirement of stamping eases the process.

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The online Australian visa form is simple and straightforward to fill, the payment method is online the less than 5 minutes form filling process with passport details.


Various types of visa application

Work and holiday

The applicant who would like to put their vacation and work together for the duration of the visa is less than half the calendar year. The limit of working for the same employer is 6 months the applicant must be between 18- years to 30-years of age for this is the ripe and active age, the applicant can have a chance to study for 12 weeks.


To be able to apply and get this type of visa applicant must register for an established course of minimum three months duration the search for the course that is offered in the Australian learning institution is available to all online users.

The visa extends from the day of course commencement and offers extra months to cater for vacation. The completion of the course and visa expiry there is chances of the renewal of the student visa.

There is the privilege of working for at least 20 hours per seven days and on vacation duration, you can work for 40 hours. The student visa applicant must obtain insurance cover in case of any ailment or emergency issues.

The student visa also comprises the temporary graduate visa – this visa allows an applicant to work in Australia for two to three years after completion of higher learning studies, Below 50-year of age is a factor for the application, only for applicant whole are half calendar year fresh from university.

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What are the requirements for your application of an Australian ETA visa?

  • Eligible country passport
  • Active Electronic mail for visa processing purposes
  • Electronic mode of payment.
  • Tourist or Business purposes reason for travel

The process of the online application visa to Australia is a simple and direct method of easing queues in the Australian visa application departments of the Australian government.


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