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About Visa to Australia

Many Latvian citizens want to travel to Australia to enjoy its natural beauty and heritage, for visiting relatives, or for business activities, but first, they need to satisfy entry requirements and get an eVisitor.

The eVisitor and ETA are electronic travel authorization documents permitting its holders to enter the territory of Australia. You can obtain it by submitting the online form.

The Australian ETA allows an unlimited number of 90-day visits to Australia during the visa’s validity period. The ETA eVisa stays valid for one year (12 months) from the date of issue. It’s essential that the passport remains valid as well, as its expiration or any changes lead to the eVisa’s ineffectiveness.

Once you get an Australian visa, you can move to any part of the country with that permit.

The application process can be confusing, and sometimes even a tiny mistake in the form can lead to issues and delays. Follow this article to find a step-by-step application guide and get more helpful information about the Australia ETA.


  1. What should Latvian citizens do to get the Australian visa
  2. Requirements to get the visa
  3. Validity period

Apply online for an ETA Visa


What should Latvian citizens do to get the Australian visa 

  • Before going for the visa application process for Australia, one will have to have a detailed study of the Australian electronic travel authorization requirements. The consulate of Australia is very strict as far as the requirements are concerned.
  • If a Latvian citizen wants to get an Australian visa, they should fill out the application form available online. It is necessary to mention some personal and travel data, for example, name, nationality, birthdate, travel dates, etc.
  • Make sure to fill every field with complete precision so no typos or mistakes are left, as otherwise, the application may be rejected or delayed.
  • The next step is to upload the requested documents.
  • After submitting the form and attaching the documents, an applicant must cover the processing fee. It is possible to do this via any online payment method available on the website, e.g., a debit/credit card, PayPal, etc.
  • The approved ETA will be sent to the applicant’s email address, so check it regularly and wait for a PDF document. For this reason, it is essential to reassure that the email account is active and accessible.
  • Note that Australian ETA eVisa is required for all passengers, even children. The applications for them must be completed by their parent or legal guardians.
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Thanks to the internet technology that has made this type of visa application possible, Latvian citizens can obtain the Australian ETA in a much easier way.

Apply online for an ETA Visa

Requirements to get the visa

To submit the application for an eVisa to Australia, a passport is the main document one requires. The applicant’s passport should have validity for a period of a minimum of six months from the date of visa application to this country.

The Australian ETA is digitally connected to the applicant’s passport, so this document has a direct impact on the visa. If some passport data changes (for example, a woman got married and changed her last name but didn’t update her passport information) or it expires, the ETA becomes ineffective even if its own validity hasn’t yet expired.

Besides the required documents, an applicant should also meet technical requirements. First of all, one needs to have a functioning internet-connected device – a smartphone, tablet, laptop, or PC – to submit the application online.

Then, to complete the payment, it is important to have sufficient funds and the ability to pay online. Last but not least, one must own an active email account, as it’s where the ETA is delivered.


Validity period

The Australian ETA’s validity starts on the date of issuance. The validity period lasts one year/12 months. During this time, Latvian nationals with approved ETAs can travel to Australia numerous times, as the Australian eVisa is a multiple-entry permit.

It’s significant to keep in mind that each visit cannot exceed 3 months/90 days. To return to Australia after the previous visit, one should leave the Australian territory for 3 days (at least) and then come back.

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