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Australian visa for Bulgarian Citizens – Electronic Visa

Australian visa for Bulgarian Citizens

An Australian visa for Bulgarian citizens is an essential document that needs to be produced once a Bulgarian want to set a foot in Australia. Basically, Australia is a unique, stunning and a modern nation that is endowed by a people who boasts a diversity.

So, visiting this country gives every Bulgarian citizen a chance to mingle and enjoy every instant.

Australian visa for Bulgarian Citizens


  1. An ETA for Bulgarian Citizens
  2. Australian Visa Requirements for Bulgarian Citizens
  3. Filling in the Australian visa application form for Bulgarian Citizens
  4. Parting Shot

An ETA for Bulgarian Citizens

Mostly, so that they can gain access to the country, an electronic type of an Australian visa (famously known as E-visa or ETA) is a must-have. An ETA is an electronically filed authority that acts as visa only that it involves no stamping or labeling of the passport.

This visa permits the owner to travel in Australia as much as he/she would like within a validity period of one year from the day of issue. Normally, once a Bulgarian acquire the ETA, the stay time must coincide with the type.

There are various types of ETA for Bulgarian citizens that include:

  • eVisitor – it’s issued to Bulgarian citizens to enable them to visit or do business in Australia for a period of 3months.
  • Visitor e600 online – it enable them to tour or do business in Australia for a period that exceeds 90 days but lasts less than a year.

Australian Visa Requirements for Bulgarian Citizens

So that a Bulgarian citizen can become a successful applicant of an Australia visa, a valid Bulgarian passport must be produced. This assists in verifying the identity of the person in question.

Also, the activities intended to be performed there must be limited and should be based on the type of the ETA. If it’ s business and tourism it’s advisable to stick to that. The period of residing that is allowed by the ETA must be followed to the letter.

Failure to adhere to it may lead to an arrest. The applicant should also be tuberculosis free. This will help in reducing the risk of the spread of the disease by only allowing those applicants who pose no health risk.

Lastly, the applicant should not have any criminal convictions. If an applicant is a convicted criminal, his/her application will be declined.

Australian visa

Filling in the Australian visa application form for Bulgarian Citizens

The online ETA application process is quite easy for it just requires keying in your details. Usually, there is a user-friendly application form that is provided for the applicant. The first page that pops up involves creating an online account.

After creating the account, the applicant is supposed to fill in all the other details correctly which involves personal information as captured on the passport, type of payment, and even type of the ETA needed. It involves a step by step process that should be taken seriously.

In case the Australian authorities detect any false information during the verification process, the whole process is terminated. So, it’s Important to countercheck all your details before submitting your application.

When the applicant submits his/her details, ETA processing is instant and it attracts an online service fee of €39 for each applicant.

When there’s an error encountered when keying in the details, a reapplication is allowed at the same fee.

Parting Shot

In conclusion, the manual or online visa application process is quite simple for any Bulgarian citizen for it demands very little.

Any Bulgarian citizen who is considering touring Australia should rush and apply for it takes surprisingly little time. Rush and acquire your ETA!!!

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