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Australian visa for Luxembourgish citizens – Important things

Australian visa for Luxembourgish citizens

Luxembourg citizens intending to visit Australia can do it by obtaining an Australian visa for Luxembourgish citizens. We discuss it briefly in this article.

Australian visa for Luxembourgish citizens


  1. Luxembourg citizens applying for Australia visa
  2. Australia visa for Luxembourg citizens
  3. What is required for Australian visa for Luxembourgish citizens

Luxembourg citizens applying for Australia visa

All Luxembourg citizens are eligible to get Australia Visa as ETA (subclass 651). Luxembourg citizens can easily apply for this visa online and get it within a few moments.

Australia visa for Luxembourg citizens

Rules under ETA

ETA obtained by Luxembourgish citizens permits them to stay in Australia for not more than 90 days in a time period of 12 months. Additionally, Luxembourg citizens need to fulfill certain other eligibility criteria.

  • The First one is that you must not have tuberculosis. You criminal antecedents should be clean. That is, you should not have been involved in criminal activities in the past.
  • A Luxembourg Citizen must not be convicted for having committed a crime leading to one year or a longer sentence. It is immaterial whether the service been executed.
  • The third criterion is the eligibility of the applicant. You can check out your eligibility for visiting the official website. Just fixing Luxembourg as your nationality and making Australia as the destination country, you will get the results just within a few seconds.

Once you are clear with all these processes, you can move ahead to apply online.

Australian visa

What is required for Australian visa for Luxembourgish citizens

It is important to take note that online application is simple, fast and convenient as compared to visiting the embassy office. This does not obviate the need to produce a few documents. A sensible way out is to keep the documents ready, before applying for the visa.

  • A passport that is valid

A Luxembourg citizen intending to apply for Australian must have a valid passport. If you have the passport already, check out its expiry date. Yu passport must stay valid for the following 90 days.

  • Payment

Before you submit the application, you should have paid the fee for Australian visa application. You can use a credit/debit card. Alternatively, you can use PayPal.

Besides these two conditions, you are required to answer a few queries. Under this, you need to mention the reasons for your visit. Make sure to answer the questions frankly.

After answering the queries, this stage is done, your application is complete. It’s simple. But, if you’re still unsure, you call Australian visa application customer service working round the clock.

  • Turn out time and fee

The service including the Australia ETA – Luxembourg is available at no cost. You need to pay for Australian visa application. There are three options to choose from with less duration the fee is higher.

Australian visa application has made things very easy for Luxembourg citizen. The Australian visa application has two steps to be completed. The first step involves furnishing name, passport information, address, and the like.

You need select as well time option. The whole process is easy. Just you need to spare a little amount of time and effort.

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