What time is it in Sydney Australia right now?


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What time is it in Sydney Australia

The capital city of South Wales, Australia, Sydney, is a very important location both economically and socially. What is the time in Sydney Australia? Generally, Australia is usually 10 hours ahead of the Greenwich Meridian Time (GMT). So simply, add 10 hours to GMT to find the time in Sydney. According to time zone classifications, Sydney is classified as GMT+10 which is also known as Eastern Standard Time.

Daylight saving time

What time is it in Sydney Australia

During summer, Daylight Saving time is observed. When the summer starts, the time is moved by an hour which results in a difference between the time in Sydney and GMT is 11 hours during summer. This is done at 2 a.m on the first Sunday in October. When summer is over, the time is taken back by an hour taking it back to the standard time in Sydney. This is done on the first Sunday of April at 3 a.m.

Now you know the answer to what time is it in Sydney Australia. Go ahead and make your plans with this in mind and enjoy your time in Sydney.

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