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What time is it in Queensland Australia

Traveling creates time confusion, especially at long distances. Many people have a hard time when it comes to time zones. Australia is far across the globe. For a traveler traveling from the U.S, the time difference is quite big. Here are two ways to get time difference between two places and find out what time is it in Queensland Australia.

What time is it in Queensland Australia

Using Online or Phone Time Apps

You can simply check the time zones using online apps. This is easier and reliable when you have no idea what time zones are. You will just need to type the name of the city to get the time calculated for you.

Using UTC or GMT

If you are in the US, UTC is the term for you. This is the time of zero longitudes. Queensland is located at +10hrs UTC. This means for someone in the US, the time is an addition of 4hrs to GMT and 10hrs past GMT. This will give you a difference in 14hrs.

It is that quick and easy. Try the two methods and have fun guessing the time between any two places.

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