Where is Australia located – Exact location of Australia

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  1. Where is Australia located on Google Maps
  2. Climate and Culture
  3. 91 Percent of their population is on the coastline
  4. Tasmania is the ultimate outdoor destination

Where is Australia located on Google Maps

Australia, one of the largest countries in the world, is located in the smallest continent. It’s located between the Pacific Ocean and the Indian Ocean. Looking at the world map, we can see that it’s in the Southern Hemisphere of the earth. Geologists have found proof that it was among the first countries to be formed.

Climate and Culture

Despite its location, Australia is among the few countries having snow-capped mountains, rainforests, and deserts. This diversified climate is rather rare. Tour the Northern region, especially the Kakadu National Park and you will explore their culture. This world-famous park has at least 5,000 rock art sites. Geological dating proves that these markings are over 20,000 years old

91 Percent of their population is on the coastline

Australia is a vast desert. This means that most of its inhabitants live on the shore. There are numerous beaches and tourists love visiting the sands at Bondi. Port Macquarie is known for its dinner-like atmosphere whereas Airlie Beach is a dream destination for many revelers. Australia is Island-like in nature meaning that you will never finish touring the little town islands or relax on the beaches.

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Tasmania is the ultimate outdoor destination

At least one-third of this island is a national park. Walkers and hikers experience great times discovering the island. It has the second cleanest atmosphere, after Antarctica. When walking on the coastal views, the breeze will be softly hitting your face as you enjoy great sunsets. Wineglass Bay is a great sundown destination. There are many caves to be explored and mountains to be explored. The island is home to over three thousand animal species including the rare Eastern Quoll. With so many great wine regions, you can’t leave this island without fine dining.

Australian Visa

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