What is the capital of Australia?

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Surprisingly, Australia acts not only as a country but also as a sub-continent. Australia consists of smaller islands and the mainland. Having been discovered in the 17th century by Dutch, it was colonized by Britain. To date, Australia still remains as a country preferred by many tourists. This is due to its amazing coastline, physical features, and the ever-famous Kangaroos.

What is the Capital of Australia

Capital City

It is very easy for someone to mistake either Sydney or Melbourne cities to be the Capital of Australia. Unfortunately, that is not the case. Out of the blues comes Canberra, the capital city of Australia. Canberra has been around since 1913. In fact, Canberra’s 100th anniversary as Australian Capital city was celebrated on 12th May 2013.



Australia is the 6th largest country in the entire world and also the smallest recognized continent. It is situated southeast, between the Pacific Ocean and the Indian ocean. This amazing country is bordered by New Zealand, Vanuatu, Solomon Islands, East Timor, Indonesia, and Papua Guinea.


Canberra boasts of a population of at least 403,000 people. Usually, the inhabitants of this amazing city are referred to as Canberrans. The Canberrans are involved in various economic activities focused on improving their living standards.


Just as a reminder, Australia is a typical federal parliamentary monarchy. This system of government was introduced in 1901 after the present six states merged forming a federal commonwealth system of government. The head of the government was to be the Queen of England. Canberra was then picked upon to be the seat of government. However, the federal government ministries have secondary government seats in several state cities.

Why was Canberra selected

Canberra was arrived at as the Capital City of Australia as a perfect option for Sydney and Melbourne. First, this capital city existed as a settlement scheme for Europeans. This mandate had been accorded to the city in the 19th century, making it act as a rural district during the colonial period. The need to make Canberra a capital city was realized after constant disputes on the suitability of either Melbourne and Sydney as the capital city of Australia. Therefore, Canberra was selected due to its close proximity to New South Wales and Sydney. While still under construction, Melbourne city temporarily acted as the capital of Australia. It was until 1913 that Canberra became the official capital city of Australia. Nevertheless, it was till Robert Menzies became the Prime Minister that Canberra witnessed development.

Current role of Canberra

Canberra signifies Democracy and Independence of Australia. It serves as the center of the Central Administration function of Australia where major government headquarters and offices have been built. Canberra takes pride in the developed infrastructure in terms of buildings that provide local and international conference facilities. Besides, Canberra has witnessed enhanced transport systems and academic institutions just like any other typical capital city.
Canberra is a recognized capital City of Australia, being home to various administrative offices. The city boasts of efficient infrastructures and learning institutions which have been built for the benefits of Australian citizens. Furthermore, it is a perfect destination for any individual looking forward to an enticing holiday.


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