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Australian Visa Application in Nigeria – Requirements for Nigerian Citizens

Australian Visa Application in Nigeria

Visiting Australia is a blessing from heaven, you can just of being in the sixth biggest nation on the planet!

However, going there requires long flights. Following are the procedures and ways on how to go through Australian Visa Application in Nigeria.


  1. Australian eTA visa (Subclass 601)
  2. Evisitor Australian visa (Subclass 651)
  3. Visa for the student
  4. Work visa
  5. Permanent residency
  6. Authentication of citizenship for visa

Before you visit, you have to apply for Australian visa. If you have a valid passport from Nigeria, you can go to Australia for visits, to think about, for business.

In case you’re traveling through a universal airplane terminal in Australia, you will require an Australian ETA visa.

Australian visa application

Australian eTA visa (Subclass 601)

  • This enables you to get in Australia as a tourist or guest;
  • It likewise permits you to go through short business guest exercises;
  • this incorporates making a general business or work request, transactions or participating in a meeting.

It requires an investment of 1 – 3 days for your application to be prepared.

Australian visa application

Evisitor Australian visa (Subclass 651)

If you need to make a short stopover in Australia on your way to another nation, you should hold an Australia visa. A Subclass 771 (Transit) is probably going to be the most proper one for that.

This gives you a chance to travel to any place via Australia, enter and remain in Australia for no longer than 72 hours.

This comes at no additional charges to you.

Australian visa application

Visa for the student

If you may be interested in studying in Australia, the education institution in Australia must be approved first. There are some student visa choices accessible, contingent upon the kind of study you need to embrace, including secondary, or Primary research, Higher education, Post-graduate examination, Vocational instruction.

The student visa usually is invalidity for the term of your course. Procession of the same takes around 25 – 50 days.

Work visa

You can gain admittance to work in Australia through the migration program or by being supported by an endorsed employer from Australia.

Under the particular relocation program, you can apply for a visa under Temporary Graduate (subclass 485)

An Australian affirmed boss can apply or support you to stay in Australia for both a temporary and permanently under the:

  • Manager Nomination Scheme (subclass 186)
  • Provincial Sponsored Migration Scheme (subclass 187)
  • Transitory Work (Skilled) (subclass 457)

Permanent residency

You can apply for Australian citizenship:

  • Under your companion, if he/she is a resident
  • Through the skills evaluation program
  • Through the financial specialist, business advancement or entrepreneur visa
  • On the off chance that an allowed Australian boss nominated you

Authentication of citizenship for visa

On the off chance that you fall into any of the above classes, you’re well on your approach to turning into an Australian citizen. Even though this may take from as meager as two years to as much 30 years, depending on the methodology, you will use.

General visa application required document:

  • Your legitimate passport; ought to be older than a half year and have a validity of at least six months
  • Appropriately complete applications form. The form must be suitably dated and signed
  • Colored passport which is recent with measure 45 mm x 35 mm with the background which is white
  • Photocopy of ID card and global international ID bio information page
  • Past identifications or visas and stamps to show the travel history
  • Medicinal check report
  • A travel medical coverage cover for your aggregate stay length in Australia.
  • Police clearance testament appraisal for the character.
  • Confirmation of business and resources that will fill in as an inspiration for your arrival to Nigeria
  • Traveling with family. On the off chance that a youngster under 18 years is coming to Australia, it would be ideal if you confirm to affirm the family relationship. For instance, guaranteed duplicates of birth certificates, indicating the names of the two guardians.
  • Duplicate of an ongoing bank statement indicating confirmation of sufficient assets.

In conclusion, After your done, Present your application, Give out your biometric information using the visa application or collection center.

You will require:

  • An Australian Visa Application form which is completed
  • Get each document important to help your application.
  • Make the payment for your visa application in real money.
  • Supply your biometric information via the application center.

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