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Australian visa for Brazilian Citizens – Is it possible?

Australian visa for Brazilian Citizens

NOTE: Brazilia is a non-ETA eligible country. So it is impossible for Brazilian Citizens to get Australian ETA visa unless they are passport holders of other ETA eligible countries.

The online visa application process is straightforward.

You start by fulfilling the conditions required after which you can proceed to apply and pay for the visa online.

Provided you meet all the requirements, the process can take the shortest time possible hence avoiding you unnecessary stress.

australian visa for brazilian citizens

What is an Online Australian visa for Brazilian citizens who possess the second passport of a country which is ETA eligible?

An Australian visa for Brazilian citizens who have a second passport of a country which is ETA eligible is a document you obtain which permits you to tour Australia for different reasons. You can travel from Brazil to Australia using the document. It is processed online hence it is referred to as an online Australian visa for Brazilian citizens.

How to apply for Australian visa for Brazilian online

Provide necessary information about yourself

You will be required to provide basic details about yourself. You may be required to upload documents to prove the details you have offered on Etaaustraliaonline.com.

The e-Visa platform allows you to fill the information easily because it will guide you from one step to the next. There are several countries listed, you need to choose Australia so that the necessary documents can be processed.

Ensure you have stable internet connections so that the upload can go on smoothly.

Pay the fee

After providing all the details required about yourself, the next step you will be required to make payments so that your visa can be processed. There are several payment options accepted, you can pay using MasterCard, union pay or visa. Both debit and credit cards are accepted at the payment gateway. The card should be 3D secure so that it can make the international payments. You should as well ensure the card is under your name.

Download the e-Visa

Upon successful payment, your visa processing will go through which will then prompt you to download the document. It is available in a PDF format where you have all the details about your visa. You can keep the copy of the visa in your phone after downloading it. To make your work easier when showing the visa to the authorities at the airports, you should print the PDF document in a hard copy so that you can present whenever it is required in your travel. Remember without a printed visa you may not be allowed to board the plane at the airport.

australian visa for brazilian citizens

Requirements for Australian visa for Brazilian citizens who possess the second passport of a country which is ETA eligible

There are several conditions you should fulfill before you can apply for the visa. They include the following: You are traveling to Australia as a visitor. Your stay in Australia should not exceed 90 days.

Other reasons which you can provide for your visa to be approved include traveling to Australia as a tourist, for business reasons, as a transit person. In the transit case, you are traveling to Australia but you are on your way to another destination.

Sports activities can as well make a reason for you to be granted a visa to travel o Australia.

Other activities which can guarantee you a travel visa to Australia from Brazil include journalism, artistic activities, seminars or conferences, cultural program, scientific program, research activities, studies, crewmember, voluntary activities among others.

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