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Not all the visas require an invitation letter. Usually, it is needed in the case of a temporary Australian tourist visa (but there are exceptions to this rule). It is good to know that a letter of invitation for a visa to Australia increases the chances of getting the needed permit. The invitation letter can be treated as confirmation of not overstaying, so it is advisable to attach it to the visa application.

Invitation Letter for a Tourist Visa to Australia

An Australia Visa Invitation Letter – Definition

An invitation letter for a tourist visa to Australia is a type of request when somebody is invited to visit Australia. In most cases, it is written by a friend or family member who would like to obtain an Australian tourist visa or other permits.

Generally, the letter should contain information about a person inviting a foreigner, circumstances, and a visitor. It is sent to the Immigration Office in order to make the process of application for a visa easier.

What is more, an invitation letter may be needed in the case of business visas as the kind of proof that the applicant is involved in some business events in Australia. It is good to know that the host of the company must write an invitation.

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How should I write an Invitation letter?

In order to write an invitation letter for Australian tourist visa (or visitor visa), you need to take into consideration the standard format of this written form. You should include your name, address, formal greetings, salutations, and signature at the bottom.

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Remember to be polite and formal. Also, when it comes to invitations from family and friends, the letter should confirm the relationship between the inviter and the applicant.

You need to include the following information in the invitation letter to Australia:

Details about the Australian host

  • Full name
  • Date of birth
  • Telephone number
  • Address
  • Status of residency (residency or citizenship)
  • Current occupation
  • Date of visit and departure
  • Relationship description (family, partner, friend, etc.)

Details about the applicant for an Australian visa

  • Full name
  • Birthdate
  • Full address
  • Purpose of the visit
  • Visit Duration
  • Accommodation details

Note that it is crucial to provide information if the guest will stay with the Australian host or somewhere else. Also, note that the information about financial proof must be included in the letter in case of a financially supported visit.

Australia visa invitation letter

Sample of Invitation Letter for Australian Tourist Visa

Below, you can see the template of an invitation letter for a tourist visa:


Australian Department of Home Affairs Immigration Office Address

Greetings (such as Dear Sir or Madam)

Introduction including full name, address, residency status (temporary resident, permanent resident, citizen), full name of the guest, and personal information.

Then, you need to describe the relationship between you and your guest briefly. You can explain what type of relationship you are involved in, how you have met, how long you have known each other, etc.

Also, provide details about the guest’s plans (length of the stay, why they want to visit Australia if they stay with you). It is good to mention their financial plan (who is going to pay for the visit).

Final salutations (With respect, full name) and signature

Example of Invitation Letter for Tourist Visa

So you can write a similar invitation letter and attach it to the tourist visa application:

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Date: 12.11.2023

Australian Department of Home Affairs Immigration Office Address

Dear Sir or Madam,

My name is Maria Steward, and I live in the Northern Territory of Australia. I was born in Darwin on September 21st, 1991, and I am a citizen of Australia. I would like to invite my friend, Amy Brown, for a short visit to Australia. She lives in Boston and was born on December 2nd, 1992.

We have known each other since secondary school when we joined the online writing course together. Since then, we have been discussing our projects and various topics almost daily. I visited her in The USA a few times, and now Amy would like to visit me in Australia.

Currently, my friend is a journalist, so Australia will be a perfect spot for her. She is very excited about the travel, as it will be her first visit to this country. She generates about USD108,520 a year, so it is not a problem for her to afford the trip to Australia. Amy can stay with me at my apartment. She’s going to be in Australia for 3 weeks.

You can find proof of my citizenship in the attachment.


Maria Steward


Phone number



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What is the Statutory Declaration for an Australia Visa?

The Statutory Declaration is a document where the relationship between two partners is proved. If you apply for a partner visa (provisional), you need to provide the Statutory Declaration with the invitation letter. Some additional requirements may be needed, so keep that in mind.

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You must provide information about the relationship (nature of it, marriage, etc.), explain what the relationship looks like, who does the household work, how you share expenses, what are your joint ownership, etc., in the declaration form.

Remember that this document must be filled in and signed in the presence of a witness. It is not possible to provide it without a witness. Remember that it is advisable to read all the information before and prepare accordingly to enjoy your stay without problems.

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