How much does an Australian visa cost? – All You Need To Know


About Visa to Australia

All you need is to apply for an ETA visa subclass 601 or e-visitor visa subclass 651.

How much does an Australian visa cost?

An ETA (subclass 651) cost is 39 EUR, and you need only to apply. It’s for individuals who are visiting Australia for business purposes, and it allows you to stay in Australia for three months only.

For you to apply for this type of visor, you should be from eligible countries and hold a valid passport. The ETA can be accessed by travel agents as well as airlines and is stored electronically.

The cost of apply ETA (subclass 601) is about 39 EUR as well.

If you need your ETA visa, you will have to pay more than the one waiting for 24 hours. In case you apply you ETA visa with the wrong name, date of birth, gender and such, you will have to lodge a new ETA with your travel agent. You will have to pay another fee for the service.

This is a service fee for your online application. Provided you hold a valid passport from eligible countries.


Do you need a visa to visit Australia?

Yes, you need a visa to travel to Australia. An ETA (Subclass 601) visa and E-visitor are the most commonly used visa and available to more than 33 countries in the world. Without a visa, you will be denied access thus the need of having one.

What is the Difference between ETA and evisitor visa?

The ETA and evisitor visa is almost similar in that they allow you to stay in Australia for three months in a year from date of application.

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With an ETA you are allowed to visit many times as you wish and stay for three months while with evisitor you are allowed to cross the border once. You will apply for ETA at travel agencies while you apply for evisitor in online at the migration department website.


How long do I wait to get an Australian visa?

You don’t have to wait long before you get your visa. For ETA you can get it within 20 min, to more than a day.

The standard waiting time is 24 hours, but some factors may lead to a delay are:

  • Your application is referred to Australia high commission
  • You have a criminal record
  • Submitted wrong or incorrect information during the application process.

Can my visa be canceled?

Once you have been granted an Australian visa, it can be canceled if you go against the terms and condition.

Some of these conditions include:

  1. Don’t engage in studies, or training for more than three months.
  2. You must be healthy and free from TB at the time of entry.
  3. You must not be free from a criminal record and not convicted for more than 12 months (Despite having served or not).
  4. You must not work in Australia other than business and visits only.

You need to observe the terms and condition to avoid cancellation of your visa. When visiting using a modern visa, you are not required to have a visa rebel on your passports. The travel agent can check electronically if you have authority to travel to Australia.

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