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What is a Skilled Independent Visa to Australia?

Australia offers a variety of immigration pathways, including the sought-after Skilled Independent Visa (Subclass 189). This points-tested permanent visa is reserved for skilled workers who don’t have an Australian family member or employer acting as their sponsor.

In order to qualify, applicants need to achieve a minimum score of 65 on the points assessment and then submit their Expression of Interest. Australia’s online application system, SkillSelect, will send out invitations based on suitability when it has assessed all applicants. Those who receive an invitation have 60 days to complete their visa application for Subclass 189.

If approved, not only does the holder gain Australian residency, but their respective family members do as well. The process can be difficult, but if you take that first step and make Australia your new home, it will provide you with amazing opportunities!

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Applying for a 189 Visa – Eligibility conditions

In short, a person wishing to apply for a 189 Skilled Independent Visa must meet the following criteria:

-obtain at least 65 points from GSM (General Skilled Migration Points Test)

-receive an invitation to apply for the visa

-have at least a fluent command of English

-complete an assessment of the relevant occupation’s successful skills

-perform the profession included on the relevant skilled occupation list


An applicant needs to lodge their Expression of Interest and next receive an invitation to the visa application. This invitation has a validity of 60 days.

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A person who wishes to receive the invitation must obtain a minimum score of 65 points. However, it happens that invitations are also issued to the people who obtain more points.

What is more, certain occupations may require an applicant to get more than 65 points in order to be considered for the visa application.

At the moment of receiving the visa invitation, an applicant is required to meet the points score eligibility criteria.



Before applying for the Skilled Independent Visa Subclass 189, you should improve your English since having a better English level can give you additional points in the overall point evaluation.

You will be asked to submit proof of at least competent English. Being a proficient or a superior English speaker will guarantee you some extra points.



In order to meet the visa eligibility requirements, one must perform the profession included on the list of eligible skilled occupations for the Skilled Independent Visa.

Moroever, an applicant also must perform a successful skill assessment, which can be completed via the authorized assessing authority. This authority will evaluate whether an applicant has the proper qualifications and skills to work in the indicated occupation.


There is also the age requirement for the Australian Skilled Independent Visa – at the moment you receive an invitation to apply for the visa, you need to be under 45 years of age.


You will need to take and pass the character test and remain of good character. More details related to character requirements for the Australian visa application are outlined in the Migration Act 1958, section 501.

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Skilled Independent Visa Application Process

The entire process of applying for the Skilled Independent Visa for Australia can be divided into 5 steps, which are as follows:

Step 1: Make sure your occupation is on the skilled list, and you are able to get a score of at least 65 points from the GSM

Step 2: Choose your migration agent and submit your EOI to the Australian Department of Home Affairs

Step 3: Receive an invitation to apply for the visa

Step 4: Our experts file the visa application on your behalf and remain in touch with the office until a final decision is made

Step 5: You can migrate with your family to Australia with the approved visa

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Can I apply for the Skilled Independent Visa in Australia or overseas?

When submitting your EOI and applying for the Subclass 189 visa, you can be either in or outside Australia.

When already being in Australia, you would need to be a holder of a substantive visa or a Bridging visa type A, B, or C. When applying from within Australia, you will get a bridging visa that entitles you to stay in Australia for the entire visa application process. Should the visa that you currently hold be denied or canceled, you might not be able to request the 189 visas from the territory of Australia.

What does the 189 visa cover?

The 189 visa for Australia is issued as a permanent visa and entitles its holder to:

-stay in Australia for an indefinite period of time

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take up employment or/and education in Australia

-enroll in the Australian medical scheme (Medicare) covering health-related care and expenses

-sponsor eligible family members for permanent residence

-travel to and from Australia for the period of five years

-apply for Australian citizenship after meeting certain eligibility requirements

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